SYS Research – Daily Report – Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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Sample Trading System

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SYS Daily Report


Tonight, we have a delightful surprise for you. Our dear friend Greg has generously returned with an exciting gift. He’s shared a trove of updated charts featuring his unique indicator, the SSIH. Get ready to dive in as we explore Greg’s latest insights. Stay tuned and enjoy this special edition of our nightly report, a testament to the enduring spirit of our trading community.

The SSIH is currently at a level that suggests preparing to buy when it turns higher from this point. However, it’s equally important to exercise caution against further downward movements.

Here’s a view of the fast SSI as it starts to push above the trigger line, serving as a potential leading indicator.

This is the level from which they rebounded in 2023. If this trend continues to rise, we may very well witness the resurgence of a substantial bull market.

This one serves as a significant bear market indicator; should it breach this level…

Typically, at a point high enough that big rallies can start.

It ultimately hinges on the performance of these stocks during earnings season. If we experience a sideways trend throughout October, it’s likely to result in a turbulent fourth and first quarter.

Market Soars, But Not Without Turbulence

Stocks maintained their upward trajectory, extending their winning streak for the fourth consecutive trading session. However, the day’s journey was marked by some turbulence, as the market rally initially surged to morning highs, only to encounter resistance at the Nasdaq’s 50-day moving average, briefly pushing it into negative territory. Yet, the market demonstrated resilience, staging a rebound later in the session, with the Nasdaq managing to close slightly above the critical level.

Similarly, the S&P 500 confronts potential hurdles as it approaches its 50-day moving average. Breaking this threshold is often seen as a signal of a green light for investors. However, we’ve observed that the setups we track are already surging towards new highs. This serves as a stark reminder not to be swayed by market predictions, as the broader indexes tend to lag behind the strongest performers. Waiting for an ‘all-clear’ can result in chasing gaps and missing out on the most robust opportunities.

Conversely, if the indexes can’t maintain or recover the 50-day moving average, especially with the S&P 500, it’s a reason for concern. Be ready with your exit strategies in such cases. Stay alert and flexible.

In recent sessions, the stock market has staged a notable recovery following a period of grappling with rising bond yields. The sudden surge in yields had cast a shadow on market performance. Nevertheless, a glimmer of optimism emerged as the minutes from relevant officials hinted at a preference for just one more rate hike. Intriguingly, there has been a noticeable shift in these views, with several officials now suggesting that the rise in bond yields may reduce the need for further interest rate hikes throughout the year. All eyes now turn to Thursday’s eagerly anticipated Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation report, which could serve as a potential catalyst for further positive market movement.

The S&P 500 posted a respectable gain today of 0.4%, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite advanced by 0.7%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also joined the positive movement, adding 0.2%.

When looking at the Red-Light Green-Light Market Breadth System, it appears to be on the verge of triggering a green light signal. Stay tuned.

US Daily Setups

AAPL – Apple, Inc.

Apple is maintaining its setup near the upper trendline of a continuation wedge. Closely monitor for the continuation of the positive momentum, which has the potential to pave the way for a breakout.



AIT – Applied Industrial Technologies Inc.

Applied Industrial Technologies is currently making an attempt to trend higher, aiming for new all-time highs emerging from a continuation pattern.



AVGO – Broadcom Inc.

Broadcom is currently consolidating just below its new all-time highs. Monitor for the continuation of the recent upside momentum, which could potentially lead to a breakout.



AXON – Axon Enterprise, Inc.

The Axon setup is currently showing signs of pushing above the upper trendline of the significant basing pattern that we recently highlighted.



BRBR – Bellring Brands Inc

Bellring Brands is now showing an acceleration in its upward trajectory from the continuation pattern that has been under our watchful eye.



CHTR – Charter Communications Inc.

Charter Communications is currently consolidating within the structure of a continuation pattern. Stay alert for a potential breakout.



GOOGL – Alphabet Inc.

The Alphabet setup, closely monitored as price action trended higher along the 50-day moving average, is now reaching a new 52-week high.



META – Meta Platforms, Inc.

Meta Platforms setup we’ve been closely charting has now surged to achieve a new 52-week high.



MOD – Modine Manufacturing Co.

Modine is trending higher from the continuation pattern we’ve been monitoring.



MSFT – Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft is positioned in the form of a substantial continuation wedge. Keep watch for a potential breakout.




Nvidia is persisting in consolidation just below its all-time high. Monitor for the continuation of its uptrend.



POWL – Powell Industries, Inc.

Powell Industries is actively working to maintain its uptrend above the 50-day moving average, with price action indicating a potential breakout from its current consolidation phase.



PSN – Parsons Corp.

Parsons is positioned for a potential new 52-week high breakout.



TSLA – Tesla Inc.

Tesla remains tightly coiled at the apex of a continuation triangle. Stay vigilant and monitor for a potential breakout.



Canadian Daily Setups

ATD.TO – Alimentation Couche-Tard, Inc.

Alimentation Couche-Tard is showing acceleration as it rises from its bull flag pattern.



DFY.TO – Definity Financial Corp.

Definity Financial maintains its setup above the apex of a significant consolidation/continuation pattern, signaling a noteworthy potential for the future.



DOL.TO – Dollarama Inc.

Dollarama is displaying signs of strength as it emerges from its bull flag continuation pattern.



NFI.TO – New Flyer Industries Inc.

The New Flyer setup has initiated a breakout.



UGE.V – UGE International Ltd.

UGE International is currently trending upwards from a substantial multi-year basing pattern, which has consolidated into the form of a massive continuation triangle, or one could call it a wedge. Regardless of the description, the price action is attempting to break out from this significant basing pattern.



WSP.TO – WSP Global Inc.

WSP Global is signaling the commencement of an upward trend emerging from a continuation pattern, propelling it to new all-time highs.



US Scanner Results

Click on the CandleGlance chart to view it in full size. Find a chart that matches your criteria or interests. You can easily save it to your watchlist on for further analysis and tracking or copy and paste the ticker list into your chart provider.


Canadian Scanner Results

Click on the CandleGlance chart to view it in full size. Find a chart that matches your criteria or interests. You can easily save it to your watchlist on for further analysis and tracking or copy and paste the ticker list into your chart provider.


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