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What Is the Workspace?

The main focus of the SetYourStop Slack Workspace is the momentum scanner that was developed to track abnormal volatility in the equity market. As traders, our main task is to seek out asymmetrical setups that indicate potential momentum actively. Our proprietary momentum scan system searches for abnormal volatility, which flags the urgency of buyers. It was designed to signal the potential momentum in an underlying name or sector. The charts provided should be used as indicators only and not as a trigger to buy or sell. – Terms of Use

Once a Chart is Received

We believe that a systematic approach is crucial for managing risk in trading. One key tool for this is the use of stop-loss orders, which help to minimize potential losses and protect gains. Additionally, successful trading requires patience, discipline, and a well-thought-out strategy. As a new trader, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the market and make impulsive trades based on emotions or short-term fluctuations, but it is important to resist this urge and instead focus on observing the market and thoroughly testing any strategies before committing any capital. By following these principles, traders can increase their chances of success.

Notice: SetYourStop assumes no responsibility for the actions of its users. Our charts are to be used as indicators only and should not be considered a direct trigger to buy or sell. Please be aware we are not a stock-picking service but a tool for your research and analysis. We strongly suggest that you understand the risks and consequences of your trades before using our service. If you can’t handle making your own decisions, then it’s best you don’t use our service.

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The Workspace is like a coffee shop of close friends sharing ideas. We bring together a diverse group of traders, from beginners with small portfolios to seasoned veterans placing large bets. Our community is a dynamic and interactive space where members can share ideas, market insights, and strategies. The SetYourStop team regularly joins the conversation to provide expert feedback and share our own trading ideas. Together, we analyze charts, identify potential momentum, and strive to be the most engaged and informative trading community in Canada. Join us and take your trading to the next level. Kindly take a moment to review this article before subscribing. – Not Your Guru



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